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All Xiaomi Mobile Firmware Download Here

Xiaomi :- Flash File List

Download Stock ROM for your Xiaomi Mobile and Tablets. You can use firmware to flash or reinstall Android OS on Your Xiaomi gadgets. .

Before flashing any ROM follow these 2 points ,

1- Make sure your battery percentage is above 50% at least
2- Take a Back up. : Settings --> Additional Settings --> Backup & reset --> Local Bakcup --> Backup

  • Backup file will be created in : Internal Storage --> MIUI --> Backup -->All Back up
  • Copy this back up file on your PC or on OTG support
  • After flashing Copy the back up file from PC or OTG support respectively to: Internal Storage -->MIUI --> Backup -->All Back up
  • Then go to Settings -->Additional Settings --> Backup & reset -->Local Bakcup --> You will find the backup file -->Tap on it to restore

Xiaomi Mobile All Firmware Download Here

Redmi 1 vJHBMIBL31.0 --------------------: Download

Redmi 1 vJHBMIBL29.0 --------------------: Download

Redmi 1 vJHBMIBH26.0 --------------------: Download

Redmi 1 vJHBMIBH25.0 --------------------: Download

MI Note Pro v7.0.5.0 --------------------------: Download

MI Note Pro v6.7.2.0 --------------------------: Download

MI Note Pro v6.7.1.0 --------------------------: Download

MI Note Pro v6.6.9.0 --------------------------: Download

Redmi 2 4G v7.0.5.0 --------------------------: Download

Redmi 2 4G v6.7.1.0 --------------------------: Download

Redmi 2 4G v6.6.8.0 --------------------------: Download

Redmi 2 4G v6.6.7.0 --------------------------: Download

Redmi 1S v6.7.1.0 ------------------------------: Download

Redmi 1S v6.6.2.0 ------------------------------: Download

Redmi 1S v6.6.1.0 ------------------------------: Download

MI Note v7.0.5.0 ----------------------------------: Download

MI Note v6.7.1.0 ----------------------------------: Download

MI Note v6.6.8.0 ----------------------------------: Download

MI Note v6.6.6.0 ----------------------------------: Download

MI Pad v7.0.2.0 -----------------------------------: Download

MI Pad v6.7.2.0 -----------------------------------: Download

MI Pad v6.6.5.0 -----------------------------------: Download

MI Pad v6.6.4.0 -----------------------------------: Download

MI 4 v6.6.3.0 ----------------------------------------: Download

MI 4 v6.6.4.0 ----------------------------------------: Download

MI 4 v6.7.1.0 ----------------------------------------: Download

MI 4 v7.0.5.0 ----------------------------------------: Download

MI 2A vJLB52.0 ------------------------------------: Download

MI 2A vJLB49.0 ------------------------------------: Download

MI 2A vJLB39.0 ------------------------------------: Download

MI 2/2S v6.7.2.0 ---------------------------------: Download

MI 2/2S v6.6.1.0 ---------------------------------: Download

MI 2/2S vJLB55.0 --------------------------------: Download

MI 4i v7.0.3.0 ---------------------------------------: Download

MI 4i v6.7.2.0 ---------------------------------------: Download

MI 4i v6.6.10.0 -------------------------------------: Download

MI 4i v6.6.6.0 ----------------------------------------: Download

MI 1/1S vJMACNBL 18.0 ---------------------: Download

MI 1/1S vJMACNBL 15.0 ---------------------: Download

MI 1/1S vJMACNBH 14.0 ---------------------: Download

MI 1/1S vJMACNBF 7.0 ------------------------: Download

Redmi Note 3G v6.6.2.0 -----------------------: Download

Redmi Note 3G v6.6.1.0 -----------------------: Download

Redmi 1S vJHCMIBL56.0 ----------------------: Download

Redmi Note 3G vJHDMIBL42.0 -------------: Download

Redmi Note 3G vJHDMIBL40.0 -------------: Download

Xiaomi Flash File MI 2A vJLB54.0 ---------: Download

Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v7.0.2.0 --------: Download

Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.4.0 --------: Download

Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.3.0 --------: Download

Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.1.0 --------: Download

Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v7.0.5.0 ----: Download

Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.7.1.0 ----: Download

Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.6.4.0 ----: Download

Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.6.3.0 ----: Download

How To Flash Stable and Developer ROM.

Stable ROM.

  • You can download Stable ROM pack from Xiaomi Mi 4 Stable Rom Download tab. or Latest MIUI V6 6.3.9 India Specific Stable ROM.
  • Place that ROM Zip file into " Root" folder of Internal storage.( Just paste into Internal storage, don't paste it in any folder. For more Info check the Screenshot below)
  • Go to Updater App(you will find it in Homescreen-->tools folder-->Update,Blue color logo with Up arow ) -->Tap on the 3 dots in a circle (You will find it at above right corner of the screen)--> Select update package-->Navigate to ROM zip file and Tap on that file.

Here is the step by step guide to flash MIUI fastboot ROM using Mi Flash Tool:

Step 1: Download latest version of Mi Flash Tool and ADB drivers.

Step 2: After downloading the Mi Flash tool and ADB driver install both of them on your PC. After installing restart your PC
Step 3: Switch off your phone and enter into Fastboot Mode by pressing Volume down+Power button at the same time. Then Connect Your device to PC by USB cable.
Step 5: Launch the Mi Flash Tools when it is connected to your device with USB Cable. You’ll see a figure like below with your device id. Click on the arrow near the “Browse” button in Mi Flash Tools–> Select the “Browse” option and navigate to the FastBoot ROM folder which you want to Flash and Press “OK”.
Step 6: Next, click the “Refresh” button and make sure the Mi Flash tool can recognize your device and ROM properly. After refreshing click on “Flash” to start the flashing process. just wait till the progress bar displayed is fully green. After completing disconnect your phone and turn it on.
Note: If you get any error message during installing try again selecting Flash All” or “Flash all except data and storage” option in the bottom of MI Flash Tool.
Now you have successfully installed MIUI FastBoot ROM on your device. Enjoy.
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